Thursday, August 30, 2012

2nd Day in Davao (on our way to Samal Island)

In our 2nd day in Davao, despite wanting to sleep more, we woke up and took a bath and fixed our things as we need to be in Samal Island at aroung 10:00AM for the District Convention Registration. We left Tita's home at around 9:20 and we reached the wharf after 10-15minutes(same number of minutes from Davao Airport to the wharf.

entrance to the wharf going to Samal Island

The wharf ride is P10 per person. After paying, we went to the registration area where we wrote our name and the place where we came from. Maybe this is one way for them to know the number of tourists who visit the island.

Another way to go to the island is to take a bus where you'll pay P50. Since we are booked at a hotel just a few walks away from the entrance to the island or where the wharf stops, we didn't take the bus.
Filling up the registration form

The lower part of the wharf is for the vehicles.
entering the wharf
the lower part of the wharf
leaving the dock :)

then, at around 9:45, we reached our hotel. We registered first(luckily, we were able to get a room in the hotel where the Convention was held) then we checked in immediately after.

That Blue Dress

night out with my gals :)
Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: A random brand from South Korea given my a dear friend of mine
Belt: ForMe

I rarely wear a short length-dress but since it's a night out with my girlfriends and that time, I just felt like it's a good time to wear one. I just love Forever21 because it is one of the brands that has something that can fit me.teehee! I bought my dress for only P25(approx $.50). I think I am a really good bargain shopper.hehe! The belt was on clearance sale. The original price was 249 but I bought it for 129. It is true that wearing expensive, pretty dresses can boost a person's confidence but for me, nothing beats having the thing I want to buy for a very low price! :)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My love for McDonald's

When I was a kid, the only fastfood establishment I know was Jollibee. That's the only fastfood establishment here in our province then and, Jollibee was only established here when I was in 9 years old. I'm already 21.
When I went to Baguio City for college last 2007, I got exposed to different fastfood establishments. teehee! KFC, McDonald's, Max, etc. Well, what can I say? I grew up in a province far far away so that was the only time I got to try their food. hehe!
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger, large fries and Coke Float
I've tried a lot and I've repeated a lot of food from their menus already but for me, nothing beats McDonald's, its quarter pounder and double cheeseburger, its frenchfries and its coke float. 

and now, for my Thursday Two Questions:

1. What is your favorite fast food establishment?
2. What do you like the most about it?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2012

I've been with my iPhone for more than a year now. I've downloaded a lot of apps and I deleted a lot already but there are a few that still remained. Here's my Top 10 iPhone apps this year. The apps that I have continuously used and kind of abused..teehee!

1. Facebook for iPhone
Need I say more? Almost everyone is using Facebook. May it be to connect with friends, post comments, update status, post pictures  and show "friends" that you just checked in a posh restaurant, an expensive hotel, a luxurious spa, etc.

2. Instagram
This is like a photoblog. Great way to take a photo, filter it and share. The filter option of this app is definitely great. It can make a simple shot look like a shot taken by a professional photographer.

3. KakaoTalk
I love this app because I get to communicate with my close friends here in the Philippines and abroad without having to worry about load/bills because it's free. Aside from calls and texts, you can also send each other voice recording, smileys, cute animations, etc.

4. Temple Run
This game may be a "has been" app but for me, I still find playing Temple Run really fun. Whenever I have to wait in line because of a long queue or I'm waiting for someone, I open this app and play.

5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Whenever I talk to someone and I don't know the meaning of the word he/she used, or whenever I read a book and I don't know what the word used means, this comes in handy. 

6. Allrecipes
I love to cook and this app is truly very helpful whenever I want to try new recipes. I tried some of the recipes posted and they tasted delish!

7. Gmail
Because I use Gmail for e-mails. nuff said ;)

8.P&P Collage
I love making collage and this is the best app to make one(in my opinion).

9. Skype
Some of my friends who doesn't have a facebook account use this so this is what I use to communicate with them. I also use this to communicate with friends abroad. Though I don't use this so often as an iPhone app, it is still very useful.

10. Facebook Messenger
This makes IM on Facebook easier when you're using your phone.

These are my Top 10 iPhone Apps. I don't often use apps as I only use a phone for it's primary purpose--to communicate through text and calls so the apps I listed are pretty much the already known ones. If you have any suggestions on which app should I try, please do say so. thank you much much! :)

Dinner at O' Mai Khan, Baguio City

After a long afternoon, me and my friends decided to have dinner together. Initially, we went to Camp John Hay but since we wanted a full meal and only Starbucks, Army Navy and Yellow Cab were the only open establishments, we transferred to O' Mai Khan.

We chose the table at the veranda because we knew we'll be laughing our hearts out and tell each other stories at a not so mellow volume. We didn't want to disturb any customers and we also wanted to feel the cool Baguio breeze. We sat down and looked at the menu. Several minutes of deciding what we'll have, we finally placed our order.

1/2 chicken with  buttered veggies for Ate Jny

Conqueror's Meal (grilled pork ribs with buttered veggies) for Ate Bella

Kublai's Dream (grilled porchop with egg and ham omelet and buttered veggies) for me :)

Of course, before eating, we took some pictures as this is a very rare moment and this is the first time I had dinner with the three of them.(the other one we were with was the one who took the photo..hihi)
with my equally gorgeous friends/food trip buddies

After that hearty dinner that lasted for almost two hours, we went to a nearby cinema and watched that John Lloyd-Angel movie. We were supposed to hang out at Rumours after but we decided not to because we're already too worn out so we went straight home.

**THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the dinner and movie treat dear Mr. Champ (not included in the photo bec he was the one who took the shot.haha!)

Since I already have O Mai Khan as my topic, I might as well give my review :)

My O' Mai Khan review:
I recommend their Conqueror's Meal if you want something saucy and sweet and if you are really hungry. The sauce is complementing the grilled ribs so you'll definitely enjoy every bite.

Kublai's dream is my favorite. They marinated the porkchop really well. The plating for this meal is also very great as the porkchop is butterly-shaped and is topped with the omelet which goes with it very well.

Their tempura is also delicious and I think the best tempura I've had so far. It's not greasy and it's not like some tempuras that has a lot of flour to make it crispy. If you're hungry and you want a filling meal, I wouldn't recommend this.

Their Mongolian Buffet is one of their best and I think most of the customers go there because of this. A must try!It's really fun to mix different ingredients and different sauces on your own.

Truly, O' Mai Khan is one of my favorite restaurants in Baguio City. Their food is delicious and their service is definitely great. The staff are very attentive and courteous. The reasons why whenever a friend visits me in Baguio, I bring them there.

Flower Power- Ginger Torch

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Belgian Shepherd or Belgian Malinois

Our very adorable and most of the time fierce farm guard, Tomkat(yeah!dad named him after the then power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!) :)

I think dad bought his mom last 2007 and he's born at around 2008 with I think 5 more others but the only ones left with us are him and Katkat. 

Our fierce guy feeling sleepy.

He has this scary look and bark whenever he sees an unfamiliar person or vehicle.

He gave us this "pity me" look when we already stood up to go back inside the house.

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True Blue Spa by Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere & Silk

True Blue Spa Box Set
Last July, we received this as one of our uncle's pasalubong from Dubai. For the past years, he's been sending balikbayan boxes for his Christmas presents and they usually give us Bath and Body Works Products. And now, here's one again.

This set of True Blue Spa by Bath and Body Works consists of a Hand Cream, a Shower Cream and a Body Lotion. We usually don't open new lotion or shower cream if there are still a few that are already open but are still not empty so I only got to try the lotion a month after we received it.

Of all the scents Bath and Body Works has formulated, this is by far one of my favorites(still on top are sweet pea and warm vanilla). The best thing I love about the lotion is that, I think of all their products, the scent of this one lasts longer. I am not sure but I think 24 hours or until your next bath. I really love using the lotion and even the Body Cream. My friend also loves it and she said she will buy one for her as well.

Movie Review: Mr. Popper's Penguin

This family movie is definitely a good movie to watch. It makes you laugh without the cheesy lines and the lines that are obviously very much intended to make the viewers laugh. Considering that I just woke up so I was not in the mood and that I don't easily laugh whenever I watch a movie, this movie made me laugh throughout.The mere action of the penguins in the movie and the natural charm and wit Jim Carrey has are very much enough to keep the viewers entertained while watching this movie. The story conveys a good message to the viewers because the twist in the story is really good. Though at the last quarter of the film, most of the lines became too cheesy and "unreal"(i can't think of a word to best describe it), I loved the way they handled the twist and the way they ended the story.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birds in Paradise

 Blue-and-Yellow Macaw

These are some of the birds we have seen in Pugo Adventure/Pugad at Pugo, La Union when we had our joint council meeting. So sorry though because I don't know what kind of bird is in the 2nd picture and it seems like Mr. G can't help me. hehe!

What's really beautiful about the place is you can feel that you are so close to nature when you're there because of its majestic view, the beautiful landscapes and the different birds there. It's just at the foot of the mountain and is just a few walks away to the river. A great place to go to when you want to get it touch with nature :)

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My journey as a Toastmaster

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I've been a member of Toastmasters International since April 2010. My best friend invited me there so I can see the club she's been telling me about. During the first meeting, I was really impressed with how they handle a meeting and how the club would truly help anyone who would like to have better communication and leadership skills. 
I have to admit though that when I was watching the tabletopics portion(a portion where the speakers are asked to do impromptu speeches) and the prepared speech portion(speakers will deliver speeches basing on the manual they'll get from Toastmasters International), I thought that what they were doing is really very easy. I thought I'm better than any of the speakers(except the first one during the tabletopics portion who became my crush after weeks..hihi). Maybe because then I have this pride of being a Debate Society member. I joined the club because I thought the meeting was fun and the members there were very welcoming and warm. 
Competent Communication Manual

The next meeting, I delivered my first speech from the Competent Communication Manual. I even planned on finishing all the speeches in the basic within 3months but then, it took me 2 years!I finished the 10 speeches just last April. While I was working on that manual, I also worked on the Competent Leadership Manual which I finished 3 months earlier. I wouldn't have been able to finish the manuals if my president didn't push me.haha!

During the first week of May, I joined the program called LEAP(Leadership Excellence Achievement Program). The program is 60-80 days and within those days, we're to achieve whatever goals we set. So, one of my goals in the program is to finish my Advance Communicator Bronze within the period of the program. The advance manuals are more difficult than the Competent Communication Manual so I was nervous but I was able to achieve the goal in 51 days(2 months). 
Advanced Communicator Bronze Pin

Just this morning, I received a mail from Toastmasters International. Since I became a member, I've only received monthly magazines so I thought the mail sent is for me as the club President.
Air Mail from Toastmasters International

Five-member Sponsor Outstanding Initiative Pin of Toastmasters International
When I saw the pin, that's when I remembered that last June, I was able to invite 5 of my friends in the program to join our Toastmasters club. Initially I told them to join another club since that club was formed by members who finished the program that we were taking but they said they wanted to join our club instead. Who am I to say no?hehe. Because of the 5 of them whom I was able to invite to be members, I received a very rewarding pin. Whenever I see this pin, I will always be reminded of my capacity to enroll people to what I am saying and enroll them on what I can do as well. 

Now, I'm an Advanced Communicator Bronze and a Competent Leader and I'm currently working on my Competent Leader Bronze norm. :)

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Etude House Lip and Cheek Tint

Almost 3 of years ago, when a Korean friend of mine came back here in the Philippines, she brought me this Etude House Lip and Cheek Tint. I did my best to give her my best smile just to show her that I like her gift even if I really don't. It's not because I don't like the product. The thing is, I don't wear make-up. I only wear loose powder, cherry chapsticks and eyeliner and I'm good to go.

One day, out of the blue, I wanted to look cute and girly so I tried the Lip&Cheek #2(Lovely Angel). They said I look really pretty with it. Since I got great compliments, I started using the product and I used it whenever I go out(up until now and I still get compliments.hihi!). I even started using other etude house products because this is one of the brands of make-up where I don't get pimples. It's more expensive than some make-up brands but I have to say, it's worth the price. :)

1st Day in Davao

When we went to Davao last April, we booked for a flight a day before the convention. We arrived at Davao Airport at around 1:00PM and we didn't have a clue where we'll stay because we were booked at the hotel for the next day. Since me and ate were moving on a tight budget, we were thinking of looking for transient houses in the city. One of our fellow Toastmaster from Baguio, being as nice as ever, told us that we can go with him to his sister-in-law's home. yey!we're saved! :)

buttered shrimp and tomatoes dipped in soy sauce
When we arrived at Tita's house, she welcomed us so warmly that we felt like she's our sister-in-law also. teehee. She prepared lunch which is just good for her and Tatay because she didn't expect to have us but, the lunch prepared was even good for 8 people. The lunch was indeed very delish..

the veranda
 Their veranda is very relaxing. A great place to have afternoon naps.

birdies :)
 What makes the veranda a total package for relaxation is its view and the lovely birds.

the guest room
Yes. Their guest room. Even if she was not anticipating 2 more "guests", there's always a room ready. The room is very hotel like. There's a television, mini ref, coffee table, a wonderful view and a clean and spacious restroom. The room is even air-conditioned. yey to that!

Because we were so tired(6hr trip from Baguio to Dau, 30min trip from Dau to Clark Airport, 2hr flight from  Clark to Davao and a 30min cab ride from the airport to this lovely home--yea we got lost), we immediately took a nap that lasted for 4 hours so perhaps, I should say, we slept. Then we had dinner, then we went back to sleep.Great!

The next day, we already went to the real reason why we went to Davao- the Toastmasters District 75 Convention. :)

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