Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Top 10 iPhone Apps for 2012

I've been with my iPhone for more than a year now. I've downloaded a lot of apps and I deleted a lot already but there are a few that still remained. Here's my Top 10 iPhone apps this year. The apps that I have continuously used and kind of abused..teehee!

1. Facebook for iPhone
Need I say more? Almost everyone is using Facebook. May it be to connect with friends, post comments, update status, post pictures  and show "friends" that you just checked in a posh restaurant, an expensive hotel, a luxurious spa, etc.

2. Instagram
This is like a photoblog. Great way to take a photo, filter it and share. The filter option of this app is definitely great. It can make a simple shot look like a shot taken by a professional photographer.

3. KakaoTalk
I love this app because I get to communicate with my close friends here in the Philippines and abroad without having to worry about load/bills because it's free. Aside from calls and texts, you can also send each other voice recording, smileys, cute animations, etc.

4. Temple Run
This game may be a "has been" app but for me, I still find playing Temple Run really fun. Whenever I have to wait in line because of a long queue or I'm waiting for someone, I open this app and play.

5. Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Whenever I talk to someone and I don't know the meaning of the word he/she used, or whenever I read a book and I don't know what the word used means, this comes in handy. 

6. Allrecipes
I love to cook and this app is truly very helpful whenever I want to try new recipes. I tried some of the recipes posted and they tasted delish!

7. Gmail
Because I use Gmail for e-mails. nuff said ;)

8.P&P Collage
I love making collage and this is the best app to make one(in my opinion).

9. Skype
Some of my friends who doesn't have a facebook account use this so this is what I use to communicate with them. I also use this to communicate with friends abroad. Though I don't use this so often as an iPhone app, it is still very useful.

10. Facebook Messenger
This makes IM on Facebook easier when you're using your phone.

These are my Top 10 iPhone Apps. I don't often use apps as I only use a phone for it's primary purpose--to communicate through text and calls so the apps I listed are pretty much the already known ones. If you have any suggestions on which app should I try, please do say so. thank you much much! :)

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