Monday, December 10, 2012

Davao Trip: Governor's Ball @The Party Boat

Governor's Ball is the event in the Toastmasters District Convention that I really looked forward to aside from  the contests. We enjoyed the party as we roamed around the sea for 3 hours on board the Party Boat(my first time to do that!wee!)

The Party Boat

while we were waiting for our turn to get some food :)
 After some lovely chat with some of our fellow Toastmasters while having dinner, we walked around the boat and we enjoyed the view and the cool breeze.

we three are inseparable!(a pic with the incoming Division Governor)
some of the cocktail mixes available .We prefer them over beer! :)

The cocktails tasted like juice despite the big amount of alcohol they mixed it with so, we had lots of them. Thankfully we didn't get drunk when the night was over. :)

power of three!

a view from the top center of the boat.
Of course, a party is not a party if there's no music! They played songs that are perfect for the party and the singer we had at the party did really well in entertaining us. She's got a good voice and she's really good in dancing. Top of that, she's a great stand up comedian. Everyone laughed their hearts out in every line she utters!

dancing under the rain
While everyone's enjoying the party, it suddenly rained. Some got disappointed but, some loved that even more! When the guys went at the center and danced under the rain(picture above), the others saw how fun it was so they also joined! Sadly though I held back. I don't know why though. Maybe that was just me wanting and trying oh so hard to be "prim and proper". Because of that, I wasn't able to maximize the fun. 

A final picture as the party boat was already near the dock.

It was truly a wonderful night! :)