Monday, August 20, 2012

1st Day in Davao

When we went to Davao last April, we booked for a flight a day before the convention. We arrived at Davao Airport at around 1:00PM and we didn't have a clue where we'll stay because we were booked at the hotel for the next day. Since me and ate were moving on a tight budget, we were thinking of looking for transient houses in the city. One of our fellow Toastmaster from Baguio, being as nice as ever, told us that we can go with him to his sister-in-law's home. yey!we're saved! :)

buttered shrimp and tomatoes dipped in soy sauce
When we arrived at Tita's house, she welcomed us so warmly that we felt like she's our sister-in-law also. teehee. She prepared lunch which is just good for her and Tatay because she didn't expect to have us but, the lunch prepared was even good for 8 people. The lunch was indeed very delish..

the veranda
 Their veranda is very relaxing. A great place to have afternoon naps.

birdies :)
 What makes the veranda a total package for relaxation is its view and the lovely birds.

the guest room
Yes. Their guest room. Even if she was not anticipating 2 more "guests", there's always a room ready. The room is very hotel like. There's a television, mini ref, coffee table, a wonderful view and a clean and spacious restroom. The room is even air-conditioned. yey to that!

Because we were so tired(6hr trip from Baguio to Dau, 30min trip from Dau to Clark Airport, 2hr flight from  Clark to Davao and a 30min cab ride from the airport to this lovely home--yea we got lost), we immediately took a nap that lasted for 4 hours so perhaps, I should say, we slept. Then we had dinner, then we went back to sleep.Great!

The next day, we already went to the real reason why we went to Davao- the Toastmasters District 75 Convention. :)

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  1. yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the shrimps looks so inviting for me to munch :-)