Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Remaining Hours in Davao- At People's Park

Like any typical tourists, we spent the last day looking for things that we can bring to our family. Good thing, Ate C has a friend in Davao that's why we didn't get lost and we were able to experience a part of Davao is just a little time. After looking for key chains, ref magnets, paperweights, t-shirts and sweets to bring home, we went to People's Park.

During the jeepney ride, people were staring at us because we look and dress(maybe) like we're not from the place. Also, we were a bit noisy.

The picture below is when we started calling ourselves "illegal loggers" because it showed our logs--I mean, our legs. ;)
Me, Ate J and Ate C.
the mini forest in the park
Davao is also known as the home of many Philippine eagles so we may not have been able to see an actual, live Philippine eagle, we settled for the big one at the park

walking around the park. soooo not loving the bag I was using.haha
we just love taking pictures with us in it.haha! :)
our "tour guide" Shieba, Ate C and Me (bulding behind us is the Durian Dome)
inside the Durian Dorm, the top floor
we're bringing sexyback.. ;)

After going around the park, we went around a mall in the city then had a quick dinner since we still had to go back to Samal Island and the last trip of the barge is around 8 or 9PM. It was pretty tiring because we walked around all afternoon(and we didn't know that Davao is a big city!).

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

at the farm

This weekend, I stayed at the farm(again) since mom has to go somewhere and my brother had to go to a training. While there, I took time going around the farm as if it was my first time.haha!

These are some of the pictures I took :)
the barbed wire that separates the poultry and the small path

very small insect on a long leaf

one and only grasshopper under the pomelo tree

one of the many dragonflies at the farm

one cute chick!she's the smallest out of the 9000 in the building

Desert Rose(one of my mom's favorite plants)
I just love looking at her! :)
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another "I see" Moment- Celebrator vs Celebrant

Last night when I visited our Toastmasters' Page for update, our VP for Public Relations posted something he learned from the Toastmaster's Meeting last Friday Night. Upon reading his post, I realized that I was also committing that mistake since I started uttering words. haha! 

Thankfully, despite not being able to attend the meeting, because of our VP-PR's post, I got to learn it as well. The lesson? The difference of celebrant and celebrator. 

Celebrator- a person celebrating an event (like his/her birthday)

Celebrant- the person who is empowered to perform a ceremony (like the priest who celebrates the Eucharist ) or a person who officiates at a religious or civil ceremony or rite, especially a wedding. Celebrants are also the people who are participants of the celebration

Now I know!hehe. Because, before, I usually refer to the person who is the reason for the celebration as the celebrant. 

Like for example when I say, "Ronie's birthday is today. He's the celebrant!". Maybe in regular conversations and informal speaking, it's acceptable but I think, to be much safe and less contentious, it is better to use Celebrator. 


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Marshmallow Brownies

I baked some Marshmallow Brownies this morning and the whole family loved it despite them not being fans of brownies! It tastes really good! :)

Things to do for the improvement of the brownies:
More marshmallows(i did put a lot but I guess it's still not enough.the marshmallows are barely there)
White marshmallows(yellow is not really that good to look at..hihi!)
Lesser sugar for the frosting. They're too sweet for my mom though it's ok for us.
Add some walnuts

overall, we love it! :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ice Blended for a Hot Tiring Afternoon

Ice blended Lemon Zest @ The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Eastwood City, Libis
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Comfy Clothes for a Coffee Date

I am not the type of person who sacrifice comfort just to look so glam so, when I had a coffee meet-up with a high school friend in a pretty good resto, I still opted for a more comfortable look. 

Please ignore the dirty mirror and the awkward crazy pose I had in the second picture. Haha! ;)

Top: a certain japanese brand
shorts: GAP
sandals: local product from Laguna
Watch: Guess
extra: My ever-reliable iPhone 3GS

Late Night Meet-Up at Pizza Volante

Bored, hungry and lonely, I asked a friend if we can have a late dinner together. Thankfully, she said yes. We decided to meet at Pizza Volante because it's one of the few restos in Baguio that's open 24hours and the prices of the food there are pretty reasonable. My friend tagged a common friend along which is a good thing because with one more person joining a meet-up, there are more things to talk about.

I had my favorite four cheese pizza. Hawaiian is too ordinary, meat-lovers or any pizza that has lots of meat in it are too salty, I don't like pepperoni and I am not a huge veggie lover so I always go for the simplest pizza :)
6" four cheese pizza

ceasar salad with tuna

Our meal in Pizza Volante is never complete without having our favorite dessert, the choco-vanilla love affair. It is something that we never fail to have whenever we eat there.
choco-vanilla love affair

After a 3-hour dinner and catching up, we left at around 12AM :)

for my Thursday Two Questions, let's talk about food.
1. What is your favorite pizza flavor?
2. What drink do you usually have with pizza?

Monday, October 1, 2012

My first time in Baguio

 Years ago before I came to Baguio to study at Saint Louis University, I was already a frequent visitor of the city. My mom's younger brother was studying in the Philippine Military Academy and her sister was a law student that time so there were times when we go to Baguio to visit them.

The pictures were taken Summer of 1993(when I was 2 years old). I think my uncle was inducted or there's a special occasion at PMA then that's why the whole family(mom's side) went to Baguio.

walking around Burnham Park
handing my mom something ;)
a bit unhappy because my balloon already popped(with bro and mom)
 I was shocked when I looked at my pictures years ago and I saw that I have eyes that looked like they were stung by a bee. I think I looked very different before. Oh and gosh. My haircut is just the same haircut as my brother's!haha. The only thing that made me look like a girl were the pair of earrings I was wearing. ;)
after eating lots of strawberries

with my uncle and grandma at Philippine Military Academy

Now, after almost 20 years, a lot of things changed here in Baguio and I am the one being visited not the other way around. It's just nice to know that the city I frequently visited became my home since 2007 :)