Thursday, August 23, 2012

My journey as a Toastmaster

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I've been a member of Toastmasters International since April 2010. My best friend invited me there so I can see the club she's been telling me about. During the first meeting, I was really impressed with how they handle a meeting and how the club would truly help anyone who would like to have better communication and leadership skills. 
I have to admit though that when I was watching the tabletopics portion(a portion where the speakers are asked to do impromptu speeches) and the prepared speech portion(speakers will deliver speeches basing on the manual they'll get from Toastmasters International), I thought that what they were doing is really very easy. I thought I'm better than any of the speakers(except the first one during the tabletopics portion who became my crush after weeks..hihi). Maybe because then I have this pride of being a Debate Society member. I joined the club because I thought the meeting was fun and the members there were very welcoming and warm. 
Competent Communication Manual

The next meeting, I delivered my first speech from the Competent Communication Manual. I even planned on finishing all the speeches in the basic within 3months but then, it took me 2 years!I finished the 10 speeches just last April. While I was working on that manual, I also worked on the Competent Leadership Manual which I finished 3 months earlier. I wouldn't have been able to finish the manuals if my president didn't push me.haha!

During the first week of May, I joined the program called LEAP(Leadership Excellence Achievement Program). The program is 60-80 days and within those days, we're to achieve whatever goals we set. So, one of my goals in the program is to finish my Advance Communicator Bronze within the period of the program. The advance manuals are more difficult than the Competent Communication Manual so I was nervous but I was able to achieve the goal in 51 days(2 months). 
Advanced Communicator Bronze Pin

Just this morning, I received a mail from Toastmasters International. Since I became a member, I've only received monthly magazines so I thought the mail sent is for me as the club President.
Air Mail from Toastmasters International

Five-member Sponsor Outstanding Initiative Pin of Toastmasters International
When I saw the pin, that's when I remembered that last June, I was able to invite 5 of my friends in the program to join our Toastmasters club. Initially I told them to join another club since that club was formed by members who finished the program that we were taking but they said they wanted to join our club instead. Who am I to say no?hehe. Because of the 5 of them whom I was able to invite to be members, I received a very rewarding pin. Whenever I see this pin, I will always be reminded of my capacity to enroll people to what I am saying and enroll them on what I can do as well. 

Now, I'm an Advanced Communicator Bronze and a Competent Leader and I'm currently working on my Competent Leader Bronze norm. :)

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