Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Food Trip at Cafe Veniz

As a student, having a budget of PhP500 per day is pretty big for an average student here in the Philippines. I usually eat out for lunch and dinner because I feel lazy to prepare food most of the time. Also, I eat at restaurants because it's where I review as well. Reviewing in the apartment or the school library is just impossible to me.

Whenever I eat out, I always go to Hotel Veniz. They have delicious food at an affordable price.

Cheese Quesadillas(PhP75) and Bottomless Iced Tea(PhP49)

Cordon Bleu Combo(Pesto, Veniz Salad and Cordon Bleu) at PhP 119

These wonderful dishes added up the fire on my want to review more seriously. Though, for the 3-4hours of stay there, I consume an hour of it eating and daydreaming. :)

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Jeepney Ride

This afternoon, I went to another town to withdraw some money for my Davao trip on Thursday morning. Since mom went to work, my brother has to go teach Arnis somewhere, I had to go to that town through public transport. 

This is the most popular public transport here in the Philippines, the Jeepney. it can hold 16-30 passengers and the minimum fare until 6kms is PhP6.75 for students and senior citizens and PhP8.50 for regular fare. It's been quite some time since I last rode a jeepney so when I tried riding one again, I enjoyed it.

Here's to more travels with a jeepney..Cheers! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


During the past few weeks,the temperature is really high which is of course expected because it's Summer. Early in the morning, I went to town to buy some clothes for my Summer Getaway this thursday. I bought four dresses and a pair of shoes.While I was on my way home, I saw a line of stalls where watermelons are being sold. Thankfully, I still had enough money to buy one big one.

Watermelon is just the perfect fruit for a very hot weather. It's very refreshing and, as some research say, it can be a substitute for a Sport Drink because it replaces lost electrolytes and it helps maintain energy level and hydration.

When I got home, I prepared it so that me and my family could indulge.

There are 4 of us in the house but we were only able to consume half of the watermelon. Yes, it's big. And, for only PhP80, it's very worth it because, it's not as expensive as some other fruits, but it still gives a lot of benefits for our health.

yum! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012


When I was still in college, I looked at my pictures when I was still young. I remember how before, things are easy. The only problem I had back then was my glow in the dark shirts that I'm always afraid of before I sleep because they glow. Other than that, everything in my life are running smoothly.

The difference from that three year old to the "now" version of me is that, I do not depend on my parents for everything and that I am now responsible for myself. The smile I have then is the smile of the carefree, trusting, innocent child. Now, the smile I have is the smile of a loving, happy, grown-up lady.

Delightful Afternoon

Strawberry Delight

Slept late at night(or should I say early in the morning) because I had to review, early rise because I have to meet someone in an event, then an unexpected Christening invite that I couldn't refuse. Those things resulted to a tiredness and sleepiness. Before we went home, me and my friends decided to go to Camp John Hay Filling Station to relax a little. We opted for desserts since we already had lunch. I had Strawberry Delight. I am a huge strawberry lover so it was like love at first sight when I saw this in the menu. When I get back to John Hay Filling Station, I would definitely have this again. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Outstanding Orange Gift


Last year, I received this book from the person who I consider as my second mom. She gave this to me as a graduation gift with some chocolates and a McDonald coupon(awwww!). 

I've been too busy with my studies and my review so I only got to read this book last month. This is a really wonderful book. It contains stories that everyone can relate to in one way or another. It enlightened me and it made me realize how to handle things that I've always thought are beyond control. The biggest impact this book has done is that, it made me have stronger relationship with God. This is a book I highly recommend to everyone.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

TO-DO List before I turn 22

So that I can say that I was able to accomplish something when I was 21, I am going to make a list of what I should do before I turn 22. here it goes:
Travel Goals
1. Go to anywhere in Visayas
2. Go to anywhere in Mindanao
3. Go to any nearby Asian country
Personal and Professional Goals
1. Weight Loss(20-30 pounds..fingers crossed)
2. Have a job that I really love to do
3. Family getaway
4. Be an ACS,ALS in Toastmasters

Looks easy for a year-long goal for many but I think this is already a stretch for me..April 17 2012-April 12, 2013, BRING IT ON! :)

Just another ordinary Birthday

Last Friday(April 13), I turned 21. I grew up in Vizcaya but I can say that the values I have are purely Ifugao. I didn't celebrate my birthday at all. Not because I hate being a year older but because we just don't celebrate. I don't know but that's how things are in our family.lol. Not that I am complaining or anything. I am totally cool with it because they give me money as a gift.haha
 21 and loving it! :)

I celebrated my past 4 birthdays in Baguio. In those past four birthdays, I celebrated it on my own. Last 2010 was the most memorable though because a dear friend of mine remembered my birthday(thanks to Facebook). That was the only time I celebrated my birthday in Baguio. After the Toastmasters meeting, he asked me for dinner and he chose the restaurant. He ordered a huge cake(with a candle that I still have with me) and he greeted me.
Vizco's strawberry shortcake
I was very happy. Not only did he surprise me. He also knew that I love strawberries so much that I would die for it.(Apologies for the picture quality. Twas taken using my then Nokia E61i.One mistake also is that, I sliced it first before I took a picture of it..haha) The cake tasted really good. He got the large one and we ate 6 out of 8 slices. Even if we were already stuffed, we still ate as much as we can. If there are things I am grateful for that night, one of it is because I was able to discover a really nice restaurant. The food is great, the ambiance is definitely a 5/5 and the service is also great. We just chatted and we just had a great time. Though we had to cut the celebration because I had to leave by 12MN because University Dorm closes at 12:30AM. The important thing was, I enjoyed the food and the company of a good friend.
Picture above is how the cake actually looks when it is still not murdered by a customer like me..haha..(Photo courtesy of Vizcos Facebook Page).

In a birthday, some may have a cake, lots of food, money and gifts but, nothing beats the company of the people with whom you're spending that special day with. I may not have celebrated my birthday last friday with those things but, with 99 facebook greetings, 20 text messages and the company of my family, I can say I had a pretty wonderful birthday. Not very ideal for some but, it was one great day for me :D

Once Upon a Weekend at Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad

Since I was a kid, I have always loved strawberries. It may not taste as good as it looks but for me,strawberry is one of the best fruit there is. One weekend, I went to the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad, Benguet with my friends. I think it was actually the first time I went out with them(without any beer or cocktail in front of us.haha)
a failed jumpshot attempt!
my favorite jumpshot photo :)

What's a weekend getaway without picture taking? :) After more than hours of lunch, which of course involved taking pictures of each other in our not so glorious moments, we went around the Strawberry Farm. I'm surprised that there were a lot of local tourists there. The farmers there said that there are more tourists in the morning. We wanted to buy strawberries but sadly, the ones that are left to be picked are still not ripe and that it will take at least 2 days for it to be ripe. That being the reason why local tourists prefer going there in the morning.
bridge to the Strawberry Farm
Picture above is the view from the entrance of the Strawberry Farm. We were like kids as we ran to the farm in excitement.

I was very disappointed that we were not able to pick some strawberries that we can bring to our friends back in the city. Then as we left, we saw outside the Strawberry Farm some stalls selling strawberries.
strawberries being sold at the entrance of the strawberry farm @ 300/kg
When you buy the strawberries at the Strawberry Farm, it will cost you 300 per kilogram but, when you buy at the stalls in front of the farm or at the local market, it will only cost you 120-150 per kilogram. The difference is, if you buy at the Strawberry Farm, you will have more fun as you pick any strawberry you like so you'll be sure that the strawberries are fresh but, if you buy at the local market or at the stalls, the sellers are the ones who will pick for you. Whatever your choice, it's of course, up to you.
before leaving :)
We got so tired but it was indeed fun! While I was looking at the pictures, I started missing them again. I'm looking forward to another weekend with them :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California Maki

Me and my roommate (when I was still at the dorm) are japanese/korean food lovers. Whenever we eat out, we always go to Hodori, a Korean/Japanese Restaurant in Baguio City.

The last time we went there, we had lots of Kimchi, Yakisoba and Tempura. Of course, our dinner won't be complete if we won't order sushi. That time, we had California Maki(picture above). This sushi may be one of the easiest to make and probably one of the cheapest but for me, this is the sushi I enjoy the most because aside from the usual crab meat, japanese rice and cucumber that is wrapped in a roasted seaweed, it also has mango which gives the sushi a refreshing twist.

Seafood Island Moments in CJH, Baguio City

The recently developed Ayala Technohub in Camp John Hay is one of the best place to have a meal with family and friends. The location is simply wonderful as you see some pine trees around and the place is beautifully landscaped. I went there for dinner with the closest wise(they're a few..ok, more than 10 years older than me) friends I have.

Yellow Cab, Starbucks, Army Navy and the newly opened Seafood Island. Since it's the only restaurant we haven't tried yet, we decided to have dinner there.

I'm still working on my photography skills so if the resto doesn't look that good upon looking at the picture, just believe me when I say that the place is really nice :)

We were so hungry so we got the Boodle Feast(good for 5-6) and we were only three! We waited for 25-30 minutes. Pretty long for three tired,stressed and hungry ladies. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait.

The price was a little expensive for me since I'm still my parents' scholar but I can say that the food is worth the price you're going to pay for. The ambiance is cozy and relaxing, the food is delightful and the service is great. I have to say, I can't wait to go back there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

before take-off

13 days ago,
8 hour long travel
7 travelling bags and
6 boxes(with loads of books,manuals and bags inside)

5 years of memories

At long last, I'm back home. Baguio has been my home for five years now and since things are still unsure for me, I have thought of coming home for the summer and think about what I really want in life. I wanted to do a lot of things and that's making it more difficult for me. Life is never easy indeed so now, I believe I am experiencing life at its best. :)

This summer, all I want to do is just relax so, here's the list of my plans for this Summer
1. Clean my room. (must do since I arrived but until now, my room is still a big mess)
2. Join the Toastmasters District 75 Convention in Samal Island, Davao(yey!)
3. Visit my grandma in Los Banos, Laguna(I miss my grandma. Haven't seen her for 4 years now)
4. Attend a very wonderful Seminar(the third part of the trilogy. Finished the 1st and 2nd nearly 2 years ago)
5. Post a blog entry whenever possible.
6. Have a new hairstyle(been wanting to do this for months.)

A very short list for two months indeed. I am not a busy person nor do I intend to be one so this list is something I am comfortable with. haha

Summer 2012, I'm ready for you! :)