Friday, August 24, 2012

True Blue Spa by Bath and Body Works Shea Cashmere & Silk

True Blue Spa Box Set
Last July, we received this as one of our uncle's pasalubong from Dubai. For the past years, he's been sending balikbayan boxes for his Christmas presents and they usually give us Bath and Body Works Products. And now, here's one again.

This set of True Blue Spa by Bath and Body Works consists of a Hand Cream, a Shower Cream and a Body Lotion. We usually don't open new lotion or shower cream if there are still a few that are already open but are still not empty so I only got to try the lotion a month after we received it.

Of all the scents Bath and Body Works has formulated, this is by far one of my favorites(still on top are sweet pea and warm vanilla). The best thing I love about the lotion is that, I think of all their products, the scent of this one lasts longer. I am not sure but I think 24 hours or until your next bath. I really love using the lotion and even the Body Cream. My friend also loves it and she said she will buy one for her as well.

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