Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A song that keeps me going

I'm sharing this song that I first heard 3 years ago. Honestly, I only got interested with this song because this is the favorite song of my crush then. Though I'm already familiar with Casting Crowns and some of their songs before I heard this one. :) When I got to hear this song, it instantly became one of my favorites. The message is truly encouraging and strengthening.

Thing is, before I start my day back when I was still a student, I turn on my iPod shuffle and listen to the music on my way to school. I'm surprised that with more than 200 songs in my iPod, this song is always in the first three to five song that plays. Maybe because the lyrics are truly what I should always remember before I start the day. This song is truly wonderful!

Lemon Bars

I'm a newbie when it comes to baking and the only cakes I'm comfortable doing are just the regular ones(carrot cake, chocolate cake, black forest) and some cupcakes(though I still suck at making frostings). When we went to the farm last weekend, I noticed that we have lemons. I didn't know that the plant at the side of the house was actually a lemon until I saw the fruits it bore(I never thought lemons actually grow here in our country.haha!).

Since I love the lemons bars I tried before at a coffee shop, I thought I'd make my own lemon bars so, I looked for a recipe online. Of course I followed the simplest one! :)

I prayed very hard that the lemon bar I'd make would be delicious and indeed they are! My family loved it!

my very first lemon bars! :)