Friday, August 24, 2012

Belgian Shepherd or Belgian Malinois

Our very adorable and most of the time fierce farm guard, Tomkat(yeah!dad named him after the then power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes!) :)

I think dad bought his mom last 2007 and he's born at around 2008 with I think 5 more others but the only ones left with us are him and Katkat. 

Our fierce guy feeling sleepy.

He has this scary look and bark whenever he sees an unfamiliar person or vehicle.

He gave us this "pity me" look when we already stood up to go back inside the house.

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  1. what a good dog, he looks cooperative with the camera man.

  2. he is beautiful! even if his name is a little 'soft'. :)

    thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment. really appreciate it!

  3. He is beautiful and seems to love the camera.