Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boracay 2013 Day 3: Jonah's Fruitshake and Ariel's Point

We woke up early on the third day because we wanted to roam around the island and buy some stuff for our friends back home. We also had to look for a pharmacy because my hand was inflamed and my friend is aching all over because of the water activities we did the day before.

We looked around but no store was open as we were too early. We then walked around D' Mall instead. We enjoyed our morning walk there because it was only us two in the place. 
at D'Mall, looking at that Pharmacy that is still not open
We then had breakfast at McDonald's. The food there are at least around P10 higher than the "real" price so there's no McSaver Meal and that broke our heart. haha

Since our trip to Ariel's Point is at 10:30, we went back to our hotel after our breakfast and after buying some meds. We rested for a while, prepared our stuff and we went to Jonah's Fruitshake and Snackbar. Our friend recommended the place because he said they served the best fruitshake he has ever had. I though he's just exaggerating but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. :)

my mango avocado shake
We then walked to Ariel's Place(the meeting place) and waited for the time(and the boat that will take us to Ariel's point.
the baller and our "ID" pass
The travel to Ariel's Point was roughly 30-45minutes. Quite long but thankfully, with the high energy of everyone in the boat and the overflowing drinks, the trip didn't feel very long.

yes. I was wearing a skirt!haha

watching the ones already jumping/diving

We had buffet lunch, overflowing drinks(softdrinks, beer, water, vodka, rhum and rhum coke) and banana cue for dessert. The thing I loved so much during that trip to Ariel's Point aside from the sumptuous food and the drinks are the people we went there with. They're all very friendly and energetic and very supportive to the people who are scared of jumping(and I'm one of them).

after standing at the cliff for 30minutes, I finally jumped! weehaa!

that 15m board!will try that next time I go back :)

We left Ariel's Point right after I jumped. That jump I just did was a last minute one, actually.haha!

We got back to Boracay at 5 in the afternoon. Tired, exhausted and sore, we didn't join the pub crawl anymore. We just had dinner when we woke up at 9 in the evening and slept after we had dinner.

-cliff diving(or in my case,jumping) is fun. I realized that right after my jump. Since my jump was the last, I was not able to do it again. The next time I go there, I'll jump to my heart's content
-Traveling with a friend who is not the type of person who mingles with other people hinders me from establishing connection and friendship with other people. So there will no longer be a next travel for me and Dex. ;)

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