Saturday, August 24, 2013

Desserts at Sage, Baguio City

Sage is a new restaurant in Baguio. Up for trying something new, I said yes to my friend when she said we should have our desserts there after our lunch.

When we arrived at the place, I was stunned because I never expected such a relaxing place in the middle of Military cut-off. We were greeted warmly by one of the staff. We took our seats and we seated there comfortably until the staff gave us their menu and their "service water" or complimentary drink or whatever they call it. One thing I have to say, who needs flavored drink/soft drinks/cocktails if the restaurant would serve you this:

service water
We placed our order, waited for a few minutes, told each other stories then our food was served.

Before we had desserts, we shared a salad first.

 Their salad is really good. It's crunchy and really sumptuous. It's my first time to have a salad with pomelo and I was not really thrilled at first but when I tasted it, I loved it. The juicyness of the pomelo adds flavor to the salad. I just didn't like the cucumber because I am not really a cucumber lover so perhaps next time I'll ask them to not add cucumber on my salad. hehe

Smores Cake
I baked smores brownies before and it became one of my favorites so when we were there, it is what I ordered. To be honest, I didn't like it because the cake is not that moist and is actually not that soft either. It tastes okay but for people who likes moist/chewy/sweet/fluffy, this is not the cake I'd recommend.

I love using lemons for cakes and pastries because the sourness of the lemon is just enough for sweet, yummy treats. My friend ordered this and she was generous enough to share this with me. I loved it because you can still taste the essence of the lemon and still get the sweetness you want from having a cake. The icing complements the cake as well. The cake tastes really great!

The plating is great and the it really looked delicious. We tasted it and we were not disappointed. This is by far, their best cake(out of all the 5 I tasted) for me. nuff said :)

green mango sorbet
Since my friend wanted to try their sorbet, we got one. There are different flavor available like watermelon, melon, and I forgot the others but we chose this one.

Several things I have to say about this sorbet, it's for sharing, it's delicious, it's all natural and you can really see it, it's affordable and it's something you'll always want to have whenever you go to Sage so yes, I had that the second time and third time I went there :)

Overall, Sage became one of the restaurants I love to go to whenever I am in Baguio. The ambiance is nice, the staff are very accommodating, pleasant and friendly, the food is great and the prices are reasonable :)

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