Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boracay 2013 Day 2- The Fun Activities in Boracay

At 5:45 in the morning, my friend and I left our hotel for a morning leisurely walk near the beach and to the grotto as some of the locals there suggested. They said that it is better to go there early in the morning so that we can appreciate the beauty of the place because visiting it at around 7AM is not really that good already because there will be a lot of people.

that long, challenging road to Station 1.

early morning view :)

the grotto
After that long walk, we decided to take the main road route because the water current was strong. We had breakfast at Andok's, stayed there and planned what to do for the day before we went back to our hotel to pick our stuff.

We contacted the person who was offering a package of different activities in the island. We told him the things we want to do then he told us how much it would cost us for the different activities. We met him in front of Starbucks then he led us to the place where they do the water activities. We took a tricycle and we paid him P50.

We did the Flying Fish first. 

after our first fall

that third round. faster, crazier, scarier.haha
 Although during my first fall, I honestly thought I was going to die because I don't know how to swim but,it was actually fun. We held on for dear life because we didn't want to fall again but I guess, sometimes, it's the aim of the guys on the speedboat to really make us fall. hehe

After the Flyfish, we went to the Station for the helmet diving. Sad thing though that we were not able to get the CD of our pictures underwater and at the boat while preparing because we immediately left for our next activity.

When we left the helmet diving station, we went to the lake to wait for the shuttle ride that would bring us to the ATV/buggy ride. We originally opted for the ATV ride but my friend got scared so he said we should take the buggy and I drive. As the kind, loving friend that I am, I said yes. haha!

buggy! :)

I'm such an excellent driver ;)
 There's this option of taking gazillion steps to the main view where you'll truly see the beauty of Boracay from the top but, since we were already tired because of the Flying Fish and the Helmet Diving, we opted not to go.
the breathtaking view :)
After the three activities, we went back to Station 1 and walked all the way to Station 2 as we looked for a place where we could have lunch

after the water activities, we're darker, hungrier and happier :)

It was around 4PM when we got back to our hotel. We took a bath, slept and woke up for dinner and some fun fun night. :)

with his singapore sling, my zombie and our emptied plate of tempura :)

-I discovered that I am not that fit. Just those water activities made me really tired.
-A glass(or a plastic cup of cocktail) is already good for me. Back in college, I can drink up to 5 glasses. An improvement! :D
-I just appreciated Boracay even more :)

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  1. I'am very interested in doing the Flying Fish coz its looks fun! I'll include that in our Boracay tour packages. Cheers!