Friday, August 23, 2013

Boracay 2013 Day 1

Last July, I went to Boracay with my dear college friend, Dexter.

Boracay isn't the place that I'd exactly want to go to here in the Philippines. I guess it's because it is more known for it being an island where most people go because of it's night life rather than it's magnificent beauty(and it's popular white sands).

Since I'd like to travel with my friend and that's the place he wanted to go to, I agreed. We had our travel booked 3 months earlier and thankfully, that time when we booked our flight, they're on sale. Our roundtrip was only P892. 

We left NAIA Terminal 4 at 6:50 in the morning. It was a 45-minute flight to Kalibo Airport. When we arrived at the airport, we saw a lot of information booth about Boracay and how to get there. We just walked straight to the exit and there we saw a lot of vans and some buses going to Boracay. We opted for the van ride because we were offered the front seat ^^

We paid 250 and that amount included the boat fare to the island. From the airport to Caticlan Jetty Port,it was roughly 1hr30min-2hours ride. 30 minutes of it is like the road going to Baguio, long and winding. ^^

At Jetty Port,we paid some fees first before they allowed us to go to our boat. When we reached the island, we took a tricycle to Frendz Resort(where we stayed) and we paid P100 for it.
inside the boat while reading the Boracay Guide booklet

We reached Frendz Resort at around noon.

The owner and their staff greeted us warmly and they even gave us welcome drinks. They also allowed us to go to our room even if the check-in should be at 2PM.

For an airconditioned room with two queen sized beds, a television, a balcony and a spacious and clean bathroom(with hot shower) for 1000/night, it's quite cheap. :)

inside our room

Since we didn't plan anything for this trip, we just went at the seaside, took a little dip then we went around. We walked from Station 1 to Station 3. Quite a long walk but it was fun walking around.

After that very long walk, we went back to our hotel and we took a nap. At 8 in the evening, we went out for dinner and we had a few drinks at OJ's Roast Bake and Grill. We enjoyed it there because of the live music and the fun atmosphere created by the customers.
at OJ's :)

Day 1! :)

-it really is better to plan a vacation ahead of time so that you know what you'll do once you're there. It saves time and energy. teehee!
-things in Boracay are pricey. Before you go to the island, buy the things you might need for the duration of your stay there(even snacks and water)
-Boracay is truly beautiful :)


  1. I've never seen such clear water at the beach! Boracay looks very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from Aloha Hop and now a new follower of yours!


  2. I've always wanted to visit! Maybe next time I'm back in the country, I definitely have to take time and go! :)

  3. It's actually best to plan ahead and book in advance when going to Boracay. Since Boracay is very popular, you can expect that there will be huge crowd, thus, beach resorts in boracay will be limited. Boracay is truly beautiful, there's no doubt about it!!! :D