Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another "I see" Moment- Celebrator vs Celebrant

Last night when I visited our Toastmasters' Page for update, our VP for Public Relations posted something he learned from the Toastmaster's Meeting last Friday Night. Upon reading his post, I realized that I was also committing that mistake since I started uttering words. haha! 

Thankfully, despite not being able to attend the meeting, because of our VP-PR's post, I got to learn it as well. The lesson? The difference of celebrant and celebrator. 

Celebrator- a person celebrating an event (like his/her birthday)

Celebrant- the person who is empowered to perform a ceremony (like the priest who celebrates the Eucharist ) or a person who officiates at a religious or civil ceremony or rite, especially a wedding. Celebrants are also the people who are participants of the celebration

Now I know!hehe. Because, before, I usually refer to the person who is the reason for the celebration as the celebrant. 

Like for example when I say, "Ronie's birthday is today. He's the celebrant!". Maybe in regular conversations and informal speaking, it's acceptable but I think, to be much safe and less contentious, it is better to use Celebrator. 


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