Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Remaining Hours in Davao- At People's Park

Like any typical tourists, we spent the last day looking for things that we can bring to our family. Good thing, Ate C has a friend in Davao that's why we didn't get lost and we were able to experience a part of Davao is just a little time. After looking for key chains, ref magnets, paperweights, t-shirts and sweets to bring home, we went to People's Park.

During the jeepney ride, people were staring at us because we look and dress(maybe) like we're not from the place. Also, we were a bit noisy.

The picture below is when we started calling ourselves "illegal loggers" because it showed our logs--I mean, our legs. ;)
Me, Ate J and Ate C.
the mini forest in the park
Davao is also known as the home of many Philippine eagles so we may not have been able to see an actual, live Philippine eagle, we settled for the big one at the park

walking around the park. soooo not loving the bag I was using.haha
we just love taking pictures with us in it.haha! :)
our "tour guide" Shieba, Ate C and Me (bulding behind us is the Durian Dome)
inside the Durian Dorm, the top floor
we're bringing sexyback.. ;)

After going around the park, we went around a mall in the city then had a quick dinner since we still had to go back to Samal Island and the last trip of the barge is around 8 or 9PM. It was pretty tiring because we walked around all afternoon(and we didn't know that Davao is a big city!).

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