Thursday, September 13, 2012

Missing Toastmasters

It's been more than two months since I last attended a Toastmaster meeting. Part of the Toastmasters Promise is to attend club meetings regularly and here I am, being irresponsible because since my term as the Club President, out of all the 6 meetings, I only got to attend 2 of them. Aside from that, I am a part of the team of the organizer of the Speechcraft but I was not at the speech craft. I am the Contest Master of the Area Contest but I was not at the contest. I cried so hard that I missed a lot of things. Considering that I am the President and that I play major roles inside and even outside our toastmasters meeting, I am feeling very helpless, sad and I feel like I am letting my fellow Baguio Toastmasters down.

Since I became a member of Toastmasters, I became very active. I attend club meetings of the different clubs in Baguio because it is in the Toastmasters club that I grew not only as a speaker and as a leader  but also as a person. The truth is, I became very active in Toastmasters because of the people in it. The bond I had with them, the care they're giving and the lessons they make me realize. Learning as a speaker is a far second reason. But of course I truly miss the proceedings in the Toastmasters meeting, the lessons I get from every speech and the evaluations given for the speakers and the entire meeting from which I learn from.

Hope to attend a Toastmasters meeting before the month ends :)

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