Thursday, July 26, 2012

Night Out with my Korean Friends

When I was still a student, you will never find me hanging out with friends in malls, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc. (until I reached my final year in college). During my 3rd year as a university student, I shared a room with 4 Koreans who are exchange students from Sungkonghoe University. They're the fun loving and energetic type of people. I guess a lot of Koreans are.

Before they left, my and my best friend decided have a bonding with them so we asked them out for dinner. We went to Hotel Veniz and we tried the Mongolian Buffet. There were lots of laughter and craziness. We went to the Buffet table thrice before it registered to us that yea,we're finally full. After dinner, we still continued chatting then we took a picture before we left.

Juliet, Rien, Tamia, Esther and Me
By the way, that was the only time I have learned that they're the ones who choose their english name. Initially, I thought, their english name is the translation or the reciprocal of their korean name..teehee

After the dinner, we felt that it was still too early for us to go back to the dorm because it was only 8:30 in our watch so we decided to go to a KTV where they usually hang out with their friends.

the tv screen, microphones and the rules that I can read but I cannot understand

a picture with the signature asian pose for pics(having the peace sign..teehee)

Juliet, Esther and Tamia are really good singers. The english songs they sang? The songs of Mariah Carey, Whitney Huston and Jennifer Holliday. But most of the songs they sung are songs of KPOP groups.

trios singing "Listen". Korean Dream Girls ;)

And of course, me and my best friend also had our singing moments. For her it's ok because she is a great singer like our korean friends.For me, I tried my best but I guess singing is really not for me.
me and my best friend singing "Stupid Love" by Salbakuta :))
The initial plan was just an hour but, because we had so much fun, we spent a little more than two hours. Before we left, we had another picture together. This is actually the last picture that we had together.
umm..yeah.They usually go out with mini shorts! :)
This night out was May 2010 but I can still clearly remember all of the wonderful and crazy moments that we had that night and the other moments during the two months that we became roommates in the dormitory. I just posted this because I am missing them so much. Soooooo looking forward to creating more moments like this with them :)

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