Monday, April 16, 2012

Just another ordinary Birthday

Last Friday(April 13), I turned 21. I grew up in Vizcaya but I can say that the values I have are purely Ifugao. I didn't celebrate my birthday at all. Not because I hate being a year older but because we just don't celebrate. I don't know but that's how things are in our Not that I am complaining or anything. I am totally cool with it because they give me money as a gift.haha
 21 and loving it! :)

I celebrated my past 4 birthdays in Baguio. In those past four birthdays, I celebrated it on my own. Last 2010 was the most memorable though because a dear friend of mine remembered my birthday(thanks to Facebook). That was the only time I celebrated my birthday in Baguio. After the Toastmasters meeting, he asked me for dinner and he chose the restaurant. He ordered a huge cake(with a candle that I still have with me) and he greeted me.
Vizco's strawberry shortcake
I was very happy. Not only did he surprise me. He also knew that I love strawberries so much that I would die for it.(Apologies for the picture quality. Twas taken using my then Nokia E61i.One mistake also is that, I sliced it first before I took a picture of it..haha) The cake tasted really good. He got the large one and we ate 6 out of 8 slices. Even if we were already stuffed, we still ate as much as we can. If there are things I am grateful for that night, one of it is because I was able to discover a really nice restaurant. The food is great, the ambiance is definitely a 5/5 and the service is also great. We just chatted and we just had a great time. Though we had to cut the celebration because I had to leave by 12MN because University Dorm closes at 12:30AM. The important thing was, I enjoyed the food and the company of a good friend.
Picture above is how the cake actually looks when it is still not murdered by a customer like me..haha..(Photo courtesy of Vizcos Facebook Page).

In a birthday, some may have a cake, lots of food, money and gifts but, nothing beats the company of the people with whom you're spending that special day with. I may not have celebrated my birthday last friday with those things but, with 99 facebook greetings, 20 text messages and the company of my family, I can say I had a pretty wonderful birthday. Not very ideal for some but, it was one great day for me :D

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