Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California Maki

Me and my roommate (when I was still at the dorm) are japanese/korean food lovers. Whenever we eat out, we always go to Hodori, a Korean/Japanese Restaurant in Baguio City.

The last time we went there, we had lots of Kimchi, Yakisoba and Tempura. Of course, our dinner won't be complete if we won't order sushi. That time, we had California Maki(picture above). This sushi may be one of the easiest to make and probably one of the cheapest but for me, this is the sushi I enjoy the most because aside from the usual crab meat, japanese rice and cucumber that is wrapped in a roasted seaweed, it also has mango which gives the sushi a refreshing twist.

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  1. that looks delish Sis :-) makes me drool :-) Dropping by from lasts weeks OT