Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend at Liliw, Laguna

This weekend, I went to Liliw, Laguna with a friend to look around the municipality for some shoes, slippers and sandals. The trip was pretty tiring but it was definitely worth it. From Vizcaya to  Manila, it took us 8.5hours then another 4 hours to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and 20 minutes from Sta Cruz to Liliw. 

We reached Liliw at around 9:30AM and we immediately went to the first store despite the hunger and the tiredness. At around 10:30, we decided to have breakfast then we roamed around again. Honestly, I was thinking that there are only a few stores in the municipality and that the place is like the usual municipalities in the country so I didn't bother bringing a camera(big mistake, really!). As we went around, I noticed that some of the houses and stores there  are preserved houses from the 19th century. Below are some pictures of the products they have in Liliw. Wasn't able to take much photo though because my phone finally lost all its energy.

Since I am tall and I love running and walking around, I didn't buy any pair of wedges or heels. I only bought two pairs of sandals, a pair of slippers and a pair of flats.The good thing about the product is that, even at a really affordable price, the product is of good quality. 

In between walking from one store to another, I took some pictures at the street as well.

(Top photo):infront of the municipal hall,(bottom left):me inside one of the stores,(bottom right):cute slipper decor of one of the stores

(top photo):a young girl selling fruits,(bottom left):a vendor preparing the ferns she will sell)

At around 3:00PM, me and my friend already left Liliw and we went back to Vizcaya. Because of the very little time we had, we were not able to go around the town which is really sad. But, mom said that we will go back to Liliw on the first weekend of October. Something to look forward to! :)

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  1. OOO I'm going to have to come back to this post and show my daughter! She's obsessed with shoes- and she's only 18 months old!!!!

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  3. What a long drive... but all those shoes are worth it! I wouldn't be able to decide which ones to buy, I'd just want them all! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier, following back!
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  4. woohoo! look at all the shoes :-) fun to shop :-)

  5. OH MY GOSH...that is my dreamland...SHOELAND! lol!

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  6. wow that was a long trip you took! was it just for shoes..? haha =) nice to meet you. thanks for stopping by and following.