Saturday, September 29, 2012

A date with a dear friend

What I hate most about meeting a friend whom you haven't seen for a very long time is, they get to point out the huge difference of who you are now from who you are years back. Last Thursday night, I had dinner with a friend whom I haven't met for about 3 years. Was very excited(or should I say giddy?haha) to meet him that I went to our meeting place 2hours early. nah. I just didn't have anything to do anymore so I went immediately after our activity so that I can find a "perfect" birthday present for him.

Large Ice Blended Lemon Zest before going around the mall

During our cab ride from our meeting place to Club Filipino, we talked about the good times, our friends, our college days and our new look. One thing is oh so sure, we both gained weight :))

Though we were not able to bond really well because we attended a toastmasters meeting for our dinner and he can no longer join me and my high school friends because he has to go to work early the next day, I'm really thankful that we got to see each other. 

When we bade each other farewell and I was 10 meters..20 meters..30meters..40meters from him, I suddenly had a separation anxiety. 

Good thing is, even if it will be long before we see each other again, the distance can always be bridged by facebook, twitter and cellphone :)

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  1. toastmasters? we have those meetings here too. he is a good friend - hard to come by.