Friday, May 4, 2012

Samal Island Meals

Nothing beats the combination of a great meal in a serene atmosphere, a breathtaking view and a wonderful companion. 

Breakfast(Boiled egg,fried egg ,1/2boneless fish and Banana(at PhP165 per person)
That picture above was the breakfast served at the hotel during the first day . Two eggs cooked in different ways the first day. During the second day, we had almost the same meal for breakfast (without the banana and replacing the fish with small slices of chicken)

Lunch (Pinakbet, kilawin, grilled chicken, soup and buko salad for dessert)
We had lunch at the resort 5minutes away from where we stayed. The food was okay. It was a buffet lunch that's why we were pretty contented. What I loved the most was the buko salad. It's perfect!

Dinner (Chicken Curry, barbecue, spaghetti, mixed fruits(pineapple,watermelon,papaya and Davao Pomelo) and mini ube cupcakes)
We had dinner at the Party Boat where we had our Governor's Ball. The food was limited except for the Davao Pomelo.

Me and my friends were disappointed with the food from the first meal to the last because it didn't taste good and that's maybe because they had to serve 350 of us in the convention that they have to rush everything.

The meals we had in Samal Island may not have reached even the the "just ok" level in our range, the atmosphere, the view, the companions and the experience definitely made up for it.

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